Sun-Times make non-endorse decision in nick of time

Sun-Times endorsements no more:

With this in mind, the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board will approach election coverage in a new way. We will provide clear and accurate information about who the candidates are and where they stand on the issues most important to our city, our state and our country. We will post candidate questionnaires online. We will interview candidates in person and post the videos online. We will present side-by-side comparisons of the candidates’ views on the key issues. We will post assessments made by respected civic and professional groups, such as the Chicago Bar Association’s guide to judicial candidates.

 What we will not do is endorse candidates. We have come to doubt the value of candidate endorsements by this newspaper or any newspaper, especially in a day when a multitude of information sources allow even a casual voter to be better informed than ever before.

True dat (as Pat Hickey would say).  Chi Daily News man at The Hall, Jay McMullen, used to look at the anti-Daley I editorials and scoff.  News stories, many of which he wrote, were what mattered, he said.

On the other hand, not having to endorse Obama in the fall has the advantage of not having to explain why.