Money and other matters GOP voters have to consider

Quite a nice statement of where we stand in re: GOP nomination:

The conundrum:

We don’t dismiss outright the notion that character is important. But the value of the current race is the chance it gives the GOP to craft the substance of its message. It’s an effort in which all four are making important contributions but none — in our view — has combined all the elements together, at least not yet. [italics added]


Mr. Romney has the gubernatorial experience and the businessman’s eye and a good fiscal sense. But it is a huge thing that he is so diffident on the monetary issue. “I’m happy to look at a whole range of ideas on how to have greater stability in our currency and in our monetary policies,” he told Lawrence Kudlow. What a wan excuse for leadership at a time when the value of the dollar has collapsed to below a 1,700th of an ounce of gold.

Newt, on the other hand,

has what we sometimes call a legislative personality, evincing a tendency to talk a good game only to deal and compromise.


inspiring on social issues and religion, and his foreign policy is clear. But his targeting of  tax cuts — or breaks — are an un-nerving signal.

Palin?  Ah yes, Palin, whose Facebook “complaint” set this off?

The Alert Alaskan, as we like to call Mrs. Palin, seemed to comprehend the monetary matters, the foreign policy, the constitutional conservatism, the tax and regulatory issues, the social issues, and the urgency of opening up our domestic reserves of oil and gas.  But the Spellbinder of the Yukon,* as we also like to call her (with a bow to Robert Service), spurned the hopes of millions to get into this race, leaving the Republican Party the campaign of which she now complains.

* Technically in Canada, which is not our point.


Not to dismiss her complaint:

. . . this week the Wall Street Journal issued an editorial reminding us all how phony were the ethics charges against Mr. Gingrich. The Journal reprised what it was like during the days about which Mrs. Palin also writes. It was a time when the Left was using the politics of personal destruction to gin up picayune scandals like that for which Mr. Gingrich was investigated in the House.  Suzanne Garment wrote a book about the tactic, “Scandal: The Culture of Mistrust in American Politics.”

Which lends credibility to Newtster defenders, to be sure.