Oak Park hockey night

Park District meeting tonight at conservatory on Garfield, next to Eisenhower Expy.  Was about plans for Ridgeland Common renovation.  Highly professional presentation by the architect went off w/out a hitch for maybe 20 minutes, easy listening with help of slides.  The park in question, at Ridgeland and Lake in the center of town, will be looking very good in a few years.  Work is to begin 2013 “after the ice show” and take 12–15 months, will cost $23.5 million.  Very assuring presentation.

However:  No year-’round swimming, which would add $2.5 million-plus to the $23 million, according to one of a dozen (at least) speakers following the presentation.  Now’s the time to enclose the pool, said the speaker.

Soccer and softball spokesmen were there too. 

But all but maybe three speakers were there tonight for ICE SKATING AND ICE HOCKEY.  Heck, there were a dozen speakers probably for ice alone.  Year-’round, please,  was the repeated cry.  Delivered with such articulation and reasonability as to make skating and hockey, a contact sport as we know, look like the cream of the crop as per politesse and attractiveness.

It was all in all a wonderful meeting.  Hockey parents never looked so good.  More later about this exercise in community involvement and communication. 

Selling religious life in Chicago

CAVA Chicago Archdiocesan Vocation Assoc.. Sister Elyse Marie Ramirez, O.P. heads this operation, talked last night at the Oak Park Serra Club  of the association’s work with women entering the sisterhoods.  

But mostly, as requested, she talked about her own vocation — in dramatic, even gripping terms, including her having to inform her affianced that she was going instead into the convent.  

He’d seen it coming and beat her to it in that moment of truth, pre-empting her announcement.  Quite a dynamic lady and a saleswoman of the first order.  Member 20-plus years of the Springfield (IL) Dominicans.