Dems gonna lose one in Oak Park?

Russ Stewart on something new in Oak Park:

In years past, every self-respecting, politically-correct liberal white Oak Park Democrat would automatically vote for a black over a white, especially for a female black, and even more urgently for a minority and/or woman over a white male whose surname ended in a vowel. To do otherwise would cause a paroxysm of guilt.

But times have changed. And such an aberration is exactly what may occur on March 20 in the Democratic primary for the newly-configured 78th District Illinois House seat. Unless Harmon, like Horatio at the bridge, piles up a huge Oak Park margin to rescue Camille Lilly, the obscure black incumbent, white challenger Mike Nardello may win.

Lily doesn’t relate, being “the quintessential non-politician, viewing public office more as an entitlement than a privilege,” says Stewart, who couldn’t get an interview with her — “not atypical,” says Nardello’s campaign manager Oak Parker K.L. Daly.

The little fooler in the white house

The White House says this budget will mean $4 trillion in savings over the next decade—but that’s a result of gimmicks and accounting tricks. Roughly $2 trillion have already been enacted, while Obama counts $1 trillion from money that would never be spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as savings. The White House also takes $1.2 trillion of cuts from last summer’s Budget Control Act, and replaced them with tax hikes — calling this additional savings.

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Dolan decides: Obama go back

Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan of New York said Feb. 13 that President Barack Obama’s revision to the contraceptive mandate in the health reform law did nothing to change the U.S. bishops’ opposition to what they regard as an unconstitutional infringement on religious liberty.

via Obama’s revised HHS mandate violates religious freedom, USCCB president says.