Pro-lifers march, condom-users complain

Guess who gets the coverage.

About 300,000 pro-lifers marched through the middle of our nation’s capitol last month with scant coverage in the mainstream media. But when a few college girls with a microphone kvetch that while they can afford to pay $50,000 per year to attend a Catholic college, they can’t afford condoms, you’ve got an instant media sensation.

They are “Catholic Students for Women’s Health,” want to protect women from the disease of pregnancy. Downtrodden.

Bishop Braxton’s two sides

1. He’s orthodox and willing to do the bold thing, here telling the ad libbing priest to honor the mass as is, and 2. He’s autocratic, as in his (here reported) non-consulting of his personnel board.

As St. Catherine of Siena-St. Lucy pastor in Oak Park a few years back, he bounced a non-tenured black nun from the staff after presenting her a contract that reportedly took her out of the pulpit, from which she had been declaiming in regular rotation, including on Mother’s Day Sunday, on which she talked up black power.  (Not kidding, was there.)

But he also enthroned himself for mass, moving the presider’s chair to front and center, from which he took a comfortable slightly leaning pose, hand to cheek, with portable altar moved to one side.  And set up yellow crime-scene-style tapes one Sunday blocking off the back pews because he wanted worships (in half-filled church) up front.

That said, he’s a very smart guy, if only he could get over himself. » Popular priest who strays from Roman Missal resigns.

Vas ist das Guttmacher Institute?

“[A] non-profit organization that promotes reproductive health and . . . started as an arm of Planned Parenthood”?  


And its 98% of Catholic women claim?  Even when “a supplementary table in the report, on page 8, appears to undermine that statistic, since it shows that 11 percent of Catholic women currently [use] no method at all. “?


The claim that 98 percent of Catholic women use contraception: a media foul – The Washington Post.

The study is here, btw.