Romney in Detroit speech (sob)

The sound you hear is a Republican tearing his hair out.

Mitt Romney spoke to several empty seats Friday in Detroit, in a speech that offered Democrats more fodder for their attacks and failed to deliver the major economic address his campaign promised.

Is there a skilled politician out there? Somewhere? I leaned toward Romney (asked by lib Dem close friend) some months back.

Now I aim to cast my Illinois vote on March 20 for the Santorum man, who by the way gets a strong thumbs-up by the extremely well-versed international politics expert Michael Ledeen in the WS Journal.

HOLD ON THERE: Larry Kudlow praises Romney’s Detroit speech, in which

. . . he touted his new across-the board 20 percent reduction in personal tax rates. The language is crucial: “By reducing the tax on the next dollar of income earned by all taxpayers, we will encourage hard work, risk-taking, and productivity by allowing Americans to keep more of what they earn.”

This is supply-side language. It is incentive language.

And what this voter wants to hear.  What’s going on here?  The Hill has been reliable, ditto Kudlow.

One thought on “Romney in Detroit speech (sob)

  1. Hey, yours won’t be the only vote on March 20.
    Santorum saeculorum
    I exaggerate, but you get the point.

    Kudlow said on his Saturday radio show that the Secret Service placed Romney in Detroit stadium. Not Mitt’s fault ???


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