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Andrew Breitbart picked a good one

Seeing Joel Pollak on Hannity last night (with Ben Shapiro), I was worried about what might happen to the Breitbart legacy. 

Seeing him here with the frenetic Soledad O’Brien on CNN, I’m not worried any more.


IQ zero, couldn’t walk or talk, self-wounding, very hard to control

Read about Myelva and how she lost her fear of the devil and how many came to her funeral.

How Santorum has come from nowhere: the magic word

It’s freedom.

Amid ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, the $800 billion stimulus injection and a federal spending boom, something snapped in the steady-state relationship between many citizens and Washington.

A lot of people feel the government, finally, is really starting to crowd them. It has made them uneasy. For the Santorum audience, the call-and-response word to push back against the unease is “freedom.”

What Santorum should do:

Rick Santorum should stay in the race, repeating from now till summer the perverse link between the ObamaCare mandate and the American idea of freedom. It looks like the best argument the GOP nominee will have for a win in November.

Don’t tread on us.

(Column by WSJ’s Henninger, h/t Real Clear Politics)

Axelrod, Misericordia, and the HHS mandate.

When bad policies hit home for the policy-maker/defender/media manipulator.

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