Even liberals get violent sometimes

In Oak Park the pigeons are in the crosshairs.

2 thoughts on “Even liberals get violent sometimes

  1. The comments to the article are priceless — it must be a trial to live with so many dim bulbs. People who get all wrought up over wild animals lose my respect. When they become a danger or a serious nuisance, they should be eliminated (or relocated in the case of coyotes). Pigeons are dirty. The only time I was in the Piazza in Venice, I shuddered at the people who let them land all over their children who were offering them food. A bride sauntered around with her gown dragging in the droppings. UGH.

    More upsetting are the people who suggest that we equate crippled, “unsightly” people with dirty birds and eliminate them also. Those people need some serious ethics education


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