Whose kind of Terror Town is Chicago?

Eight shot last night in Terror Town, in Chicago’s once-white-posh South Shore neighborhood, of 19 shot in nine hours.  Coming up in tomorrow’s Sun-Times, a story about GUNS. 

Of course.  Mediums love stories about guns.  Allows them to be righteous about bad guys who supply them.  But what about shooters? 

They profile victims all the time, wringing hands about innocent people or kids who never had a chance, etc.  But do they profile shooters?  Why not?  Do him, his family, his neighborhood, IN DEPTH, as they say, or in shallow, early and often.

Blaming usual suspects if they must — gun suppliers, bad schools, right-wingers who lack sympathy, etc. — but while they are at it, the culture of dependency, the role of welfare in rewarding the father-free and in making fathers superfluous, the constant blame-whitey chatter from “Rev.” Sharpton and his ilk.

I ask too much and get carried away.  I have in mind a consulting of William Julius Wilson and his ilk, and a polling of pastors in the ‘hood.  I remember one I talked to decades ago after his long, long service, who told me of the pressure politicians put on him to gain his pulpit.  Someone candid but not blowing his horn.

A story featuring the pastors, and not just the ones who stage and lead marches, but ones the reporter — Chi Trib’s “Seeker” will do, or one of Sun-Times’s shoe-leather wearers-out, door-knockers, telephone-callers — finds by asking around, starting with denominational execs at to who’s who and trying at all times to separate wheat from chaff among them.

Can be done.  Beats the usual guns story, which I’m betting will quote Fr. Pfleger.  If the next guns story doesn’t quote him, I will eat my delete key.




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  • Margaret McC.  On August 26, 2012 at 2:43 PM

    Just one story about the ineffectiveness of strict gun laws, just one, that’s all I desire.

    Our daughter-in-law, leaning mostly liberal, was a medical resident years ago and remarked, “What good does it do to patch up these shooting victims only to have them go out and either shoot others or get shot again themselves?” She was noticing that her patients had scars from previous incidents.

    We know who has to pay for all the treatment these fools require.


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