Parsing b.s. among those desperate to be liked

When is a lib not a lib, and vice versa?

. . . contract attorneys in Washington are, by and large, liberals. Usually, very liberal. By this of course, we mean the old-school, early 1900s Progressives, not the classic, Thomas Jefferson liberals. We’re talking about the far leftists who changed their label from Progressive to Liberal when Progressive became a pejorative, then back to Progressive when Liberal became a pejorative and people had forgotten that Progressive used to be a pejorative.

A rose by any name, yes, but also a pile of smelly stuff. Anyhow, some of us remember.

Woe is us: the stupid party at work

Exclusive – Inside Orca: How the Romney Campaign Suppressed Its Own Vote

Wrong PINs, systems down, volunteers stiffed. Colorado, Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida . . .

Before the election, there was much fear-mongering on the Democratic side about the Republicans’ supposed plans to suppress turnout among Obama voters. After the election, GOP strategist Karl Rove accused the Obama campaign of “suppressing the vote” by running a negative campaign against Romney that kept voters at home.

The truth is much worse. There was, in fact, massive suppression of the Republican vote–by the Romney campaign, through the diversion of nearly 40,000 volunteers to a failing computer program.

There was no Plan B; there was only confusion, and silence.