Fat lady’s song not the final answer

Quip of the week, no question:

A pro-abortion zealot once castigated his pro-life opponents, saying, “Don’t you people get it? You’ve lost. It’s over. The fat lady has sung.” To which one of them replied, “It is not over when the fat lady sings. It is over when the angel blows his trumpet.” – Christopher Beiting

This fellow can talk to me any time.

What algorhythm in your PC?

Google developers warns me against a site, a well-regarded Catholic conservative page dealing with religious and societal values.

The supposed problems are phishing and malware. Interesting, not a revolting development.

G. asks to be informed if their algorhythms are mistaken. I’d say they are in this case. Honestly mistaken, I trust.

Can’t always trust an algorhythm?