Why Facebook is foreign country to me

I get a message like this:

Your account is temporarily locked.

It looks like someone else may have accessed your account, so we’ve temporarily locked it to keep it safe. For your privacy, others cannot see your account while it is locked. To unlock your account, you may need to pass a security check.

Note that attempting to access someone else’s account is a violation of Facebook’s terms. It may also be illegal. If you are not, press Cancel. [italics mine]

If I am not what?

Published by Jim Bowman

Jim Bowman covered religion 1968-78 for the Chicago Daily News, since then has written books, articles, etc., mostly on corporate history but also on religion. Longtime Oak Park, Illinois, resident, lives now on Chicago's North Side.

One thought on “Why Facebook is foreign country to me

  1. I won’t use Facebook because to sign up they ask for your data and birthdate — too much perssonal information divulged to total strangers — no thank you. I lived well without it before it was created and will manage without it for the rest of my life.

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