As good a rundown on the checkered history of the J Jackson Jr congressional seat as you will find . . .

. . . from Don Rose in Chicago Daily Observer.

Sixty minutes of easy-going coverage

Steve Kroft explains himself as softball pitcher to Obama and Hillary:

. . . [I]t’s a question of fairness. We have not [what did he almost say here?]

How to gather a half million and avoid being noticed?

Make it a march for life.

Get a load of the massive coverage.

On the other hand, if you pick your cause wisely . . .

Lucerne (Dominick’s, Safeway) skim milk with blue cap . . .

. . . is an outrage up with which I refuse to put.

Semi-seriously, I buy milk with an eye to the lid. If it’s regular blue, I know it’s 2%; if it’s light blue or pink, it’s skim. So I’m in a hurry the other day and at the Oak Park (IL) Dominick’s on Lake Street, I bought a regular-blue-capped gallon of Lucerne milk and was thoroughly dismayed to find later, on delayed, at-home inspection, that I’d bought skim, and at the 2% price too.

ARE THEY COLOR-BLIND AT LUCERNE/DOMINICK’S? Safeway too, for that matter, which owns Dominick’s.

Fascism by any other name . . .

. . . still stinks. As in ObamaCare.

The W-word comes to mind . . .

. . . as regards Ms. Raddatz of ABC, not the teen-age prossies she did not quiz Sen. Menendez about Sunday.

What the heck is a doctrinal homily?

Most of us have never heard one. It goes like this:

First, a central idea, which the group of readings contains, will be articulated. In this way, the homilist can illuminate the overall salvific meaning of the Lectionary readings.

Second, one doctrine from the Deposit of Faith or Catholic morals which the readings contain will be identified. The outline will help the homilist define, explain, and illustrate this doctrine.

Third, practical ways that the laity can apply this doctrine to their lives will be offered. This third step helps accomplish the Churchs desire that the homilist nurture the Christian life of the lay faithful. It helps fulfill the goal of the Year of Faith that the faith be lived.

It’s based on the idea of church as depositary (bigger than any of us), which is quite a major aspect, I’d say, giving pause to us who entertain even strenuous misgivings.

I may add the deposit of writings over the centuries, from earliest times. What the preacher quotes is what the people pray, or determines it, to adjust the ancient slogan, Lex orandi lex credendi, “The rule of prayer determines the rule of faith.”

Etc. Don’t get me started.