Illinois anti-gun freaks . . .

. . . have all self-defense mechanisms in their sights.


One thought on “Illinois anti-gun freaks . . .

  1. I am outraged that Governor Quinn and his anti-gun associates passed House Bills 815 and 1263 which would ban most semi-automatic firearms, including pistols, and magazines with capacity greater than 10 rounds. This was done, literally, in the middle of the night and is due for a final vote Thursday, 1/3/13. There was no public notice or time for comments.

    Does Governor Quinn really think that banning most semi-automatic firearms will lessen the massive gun slaughters that are every day occurrences here in Chicago? Those who wish to kill will always have access to guns or to other assault weapons. There are some who think that knives should be banned after guns.

    This is no longer the country I grew up in!


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