Obama inaugural 2: Messianic reformer still, and constitutional expert!

Writing now, day after Inauguration 2 of the Black Messiah.  “We are made for this moment,” says Sun-Times pages 2 & 3 (hard-copy) head, quoting the Black M.  Egad. This, his 2nd  coming to the inaugural pulpit, is the sum of our existence, the Great Reckoning? I may vomit.*


* Opening line, “Man Who Came to Dinner, B’way play of ’40s, Monty Wooley in lead, his line.


Obama “pushes for unity,” says S-T hard-copy subhead. Phew. If this is how he sounds when pushing for unity, how does he sound when drawing line in sand?

It’s a Natasha Korecki story, typically good starting with lede ‘graf. However, O. “made it clear” his “progressive [far-left] agenda,” with its “reforms” in this and that, etc. No. Rather “changes,” as in “hope and change,” which some of you may remember. To say “reform” is to baptize it. It’s to editorialize. Shame on you, Korecki, except of course that’s how everyone talks, unfortunately.

Great quote toward end of story, Charles Smith of Milwaukee, i-d’d as Afr-Am, will “probably never see a black president again, not in my lifetime,” strongly implying belief in after life.

Then the unsinkable Mark Brown, who had to read speech over twice “to better appreciate” what he’d heard O. say. Personal Journalism 101 here — I, I, me, me, my, my — as in Roger Ebert’s reviews over the years, all variations on the easily parodied “It works for me.”

More Mark: O. is a “constitutional law expert.” Oh, senior lecturer, aka glorified adjunct prof, at U. of Chi, on special appointment never offered tenure? Writer of what articles in juried journals? Wrote anything, ever? Shined at Harvard Law? (We don’t know, do we?) It’s a measure of Mark Brown carelessness here.  Mark is a credit to his race when he does this.

The speech was “surprisingly brief,” says Steve Huntley, who knows how to hurt a guy without seeming to.

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  • Margaret McC.  On January 23, 2013 at 2:41 PM

    Couldn’t watch. Even reading excerpts too painful. Four more awful years.


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