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Wuxtry. Cardinal George non grata in Philadelphia?

It’s a tangled but appealing web that Meinrad Scherer-Edmunds weaves in his blog at Chicago-based U.S. Catholic Mag, where he is exec editor. He begins with the news that a deacon for the Phila. archdiocese has been told to shut up about anything he wants to say in speaking appearances.

This is so because he has written that ordination of woman as deacons (not priests) is open for discussion, and the archdiocese’s Speaker Approval Commission says he would cause “doctrinal confusion.”


As the National Catholic Reporter notes . . . Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George recently referred to the possibility of ordination of women to the diaconate as an open question.

Given the doctrinal confusion that statement could sow, one wonders when Cardinal George will be banned from speaking in the Philadelphia Archdiocese as well?

Banned in Philly, our own archbishop. Wow.

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