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What’s a committeeman for anyhow?

Surprise. Harmon is always such an independent thinker:

Senator Harmon (D.-Oak Park) endorses Robin Kelly, salutes Toi Hutchinson

Dear Friend:

I am proud of my friend and colleague, Senator Toi Hutchinson, both for her congressional campaign and for her selfless decision to put the interests of the residents of the Second Congressional District ahead of her own political ambitions.

Selfishly, I’m thrilled that Toi will remain in the Senate. In her time in Springfield, she has demonstrated great abilities as a legislator and a leader, tackling tough issues with equal parts tenacity and grace. She is a highly valued member of our caucus, and I expect that she will exert even more influence, having been battle tested by a hard campaign.

Notwithstanding my gratitude for her return to the Senate, I doubt we will be able to keep her long. Toi’s potential is limitless. I expect she will soon again be courted to run for higher office. Until then, we in the Senate are happy and fortunate to have Toi fully back in our fold. . . . .

. . . . blah blah blah . . . And the machine goes rolling along . . .


Guns save lives . . . .

. . . when they are in the right hands. For instance.

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