Wheeling Jesuit happy ending

Looks as if my happy-ending scenario is accurate as regards the Wheeling Jesuit U. change of presidents. This from a trusted local source gives the picture:

Hi Jim. Saw your posting – thanks for the “Happy ending” thought. That’s true. Really. Nothing in this story but what’s been said. [Richard] Beyer’s been an excellent President, has brought many things up to snuff and done a great job sharing his business sense and excellent people skills with [Fr. James] Fleming [SJ], who was brought aboard to be the Jesuit “Face” of the place.

[Fr.] Fleming’s ready and eager to do the job. Things will stay as they are until 1 July, when he will be inaugurated 10th. Pres. (at Beyer’s express wish so that this does not happen in the middle of the academic year when his contract expires Dec. 31). Beyer staying on after 1 July as Pres. Emeritus and he and his good wife plan to remain “Friends of WJU” in spirit and deed, forever. They’ve been good for the place. We’ve been fortunate.

Yes, Virginia, darkness before the dawn and all that.