Paula Deen guilty as charged

She said it in 1986, and one other time, and that’s it, folks:

The show trial of Deen is an attempt by the Americas Ruling Class to wash the mouths of millions of white people with a bar of extra-tolerance soap, spreading white guilt across the land with the public take-down of one of the most famous female faces on television.

It’s an attempt to do to Paula Deen what they did to John Rocker, pour encourager les autres. (Once one of baseball’s top closers, a 1999 interview with Sports Illustrated turned John Rocker into a hate figure for the international media. )

Yessir, she’s enough to make people foam at the mouth.


Later, from Reader D:

Not much is different between our Politically Correct Public Opinion Trials and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Didn’t the Chinese have to get up and denounce themselves in public? Paula cried her mea culpas in tearful humiliation. Too bad the public doesn’t remember history or can’t make comparisons. Even the excoriation of the church over and over in the media, for the pedophile kettle of fish. Very reminiscent of the French Revolution — with the figurative cart through the public streets or rather through the NY Times.
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