Saving Our Locker Rooms | Public Discourse

Don’t come in, I’m in here! You can hear it now, you men, can’t you? Even in your own homes. If your kid’s in a public school in this state, forget it, as California’s brave new world takes a turn for lack of privacy:

California Governor Jerry Brown recently garnered headlines for signing a bill requiring all public schools to permit students to use the restrooms, locker rooms, and other personal facilities that correspond with their “gender identity.” The purpose of the law is to ensure that transgender Californians can use facilities corresponding to the sex they perceive themselves to be, rather than the one they appear to be.

Conservatives must resist two temptations in considering this development. First, we can’t dismiss the bathroom bill as a ridiculous “Left Coast” idiosyncrasy concocted by “Governor Moonbeam” and his crazy cabal of unreconstructed hippies. Second, we cannot and ought not assume that we can rely on disgust, discomfort, or any other visceral reaction to carry the day in opposing such progressive legislative innovations. Efforts to remove gender distinctions from public facilities are national and serious, and should be treated as such.

Was it not Mike Royko who tagged Jerry Brown thus? In the long-ago Chi Daily News?