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Crime in Chicago 2013: If you didn’t book a Chicago Safari adventure with us this 4th of July weekend this is what you missed

Something different: a Chicago safari

Note, however, this comment from “Bootsie”:

    You motherfuckers got the nerves to put two White Bitches on the photo….Prejudice Bitches where will you get your drugs from now. I don’t believe this Blog, white people own this only because when an African American make certain comments you white Bitches delete them. Its so sad that you would even make fun of something like this.
July 7, 2013 at 6:34 AM

The site runs Bootsie and others who object. Bootsie, apart from his angry and prejudicial language, makes a point about making fun of this. As for the site’s featuring crime in the ‘hood, it’s what the Sun-Times does routinely, with different emphasis — on victims and the generalized horror at it all.

Anonymous thanks Bootsie for his comment, says he should start his own site, to which Bootsie:

I don’t have to start my own site , you know its wrong and its sad. If i had my own site Do you think it’ll be all about white folks shooting up schools or killing their entire family no…..i totally disagree with this safari shit

All in all, honest reportage, honest exchange. You do not get this in the dying newspapers.

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