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Radio Interview 101 – Radio Compared To YouTube and Facebook: Imagine If The Counter Went Away

The counter?

New for 2013: The hypnotic effect of YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Podcasts, and any other similar site where you upload your presentation, is one thing: The Counter. Without the counter, these sites would have no more use to you than your phone number listing in the phone book. Why does the counter matter so much?

Read this to find out. But I am taken by that “hypnotic effect” part, as also I am by this reference to the man who gave us the “hot” and “cold” media and “The medium is the message”:

Psychologically, it has to do with the “media effect”, which is explained in mass media studies (especially Marshall McLuhan’s book called “Understanding Media”). But you don’t have to understand psychology to understand how the “counter” is misleading you and other authors. Imagine for a second, that all counters were removed forever. No more counters, ever again. Never again will you be able to tell how many people “heard” your presentation. Wow.

This fellow writes for writers and filmmakers, I gather.


New Anglican-Roman Catholic mass text today

It allows former Anglicans to keep “aspects of their spiritual and liturgical traditions.”

History will be made in the Catholic Church on Thursday 10 October when a new text for the Mass which includes traditional Anglican words is officially introduced in London.

Me, I welcome this. The Book of Common Prayer, for instance, is English up with which I gladly put. As opposed to some of (all of?) the group-written U.S. text for us pew-sitters. If we are to go vernacular, which we are, why not in English that rings?

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