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It would be nice to see Al Sharpton’s chickens come home to roost.

This man is giving them a boost to the roost.


Company Man: My Jesuit Life, 1950-1968 by Jim Bowman | 9781300838111 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble

Go Barnes & Noble too, with its wise placement, also on Drudge, of this book-buyers’ in formation.

Company Man: My Jesuit Life, 1950-1968: Jim Bowman: 9781105782886: Amazon.com: Books

Look what popped up on my screen while reading Drudge.

Yes, I had to click the link, but it looks like Drudge has readers (how many, I wonder) who care about COMPANY MAN: MY JESUIT LIFE, 1950-1968.

Needless to say, I applaud the placement. Go Amazon!

Besieged Republicans :: Smartertimes.com

Oh my. Our friends at NY Times do have their way with news, do they not?

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