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At Julian Oct. 9 — superintendent, citizens with questions, four lawmakers

Oak Park Newspapers

At Julian middle school on Oct. 9, the district superintendent greeted the assembled “citizenry,” come for “tonight’s festivities,” which was putting too fine a glow to it in my book. But this was nothing compared to his effusive welcome “to our legislators,” two state senators and two state representatives, who had come to be grilled, more or less, by three schools-connected ladies, probably each a mother of a district student.

There’s “gridlock in Washington,” he noted, as if to contrast distant Washington with less-distant Springfield, where legislators have been locked in combat about pension reform for many months and only recently received their pay checks after the court ruled the governor out of order for punishing them for being locked in combat for so long.

Additionally, the citizenry had not materialized as expected, to judge by the empty chairs filling half the space in a small meeting room, for a…

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The formidable Pat Hickey with a South Side tale

. . . With Both Hands: Tales of the South Side: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Reviewed by Kondike ” Moose” Cholak

Man, I took a beating in April of 1965. That was not my best year by far. The Nun I had for the tail-end of Sixth Grade at Little Flower told my folks that I was ‘retarded, obstinate, disorganized and destined for bad end.’ To say that I was a miscreant little jerk is not a stretch and I remain less than anal retentive in my assault upon tasks. However, bad end? I think not. I have been saved by great folks.


Hickey is Second City‘s answer to Dublin’s Flann O’Brien, especially O’B as columnist.

Yet another in a long line of Catholic-hostile speakers at Jesuit colleges . . .

. . . which would be no problem if a debate format were employed.

A Catholic school could entertain the worst of the worst in its lecture halls, but with equal time for Catholic-friendly. It’s the least the Catholic parent or non-Catholic parent could expect.

Let them go at each other hammer, tong, and precision in distinctions honed from long hours in at least Catholic-respectful and -tolerant philosophical discussion.

Otherwise, what is this? Suicide missions one after the other by schedulers, deans, presidents, holy priests and sisters and brothers? Some times it looks that way, as in this event at Lemoyne College.

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