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At Julian Oct. 9, continued: District 97 ladies press their points

Oak Park Newspapers

(Continued from At Julian Oct. 9: superintendent, citizens with questions, four lawmakers)

We left our worthies at the starting line, the baton handed to the first CLAIM questioner.

Let’s listen.

First lady sailed a softball, asking the legislator-panelists how their records demonstrated them to be in line with President Obama’s program for education.

To which Kimberly A. Lightford, senator from Maywood, Democrat like the others on the panel, in office since 1998, officed at 10001 W. Roosevelt in Westchester, currently vice-chair of the Senate’s education committee:

She led the lowering of compulsory schooling age from seven to six, has goal of reducing it to five. Some parents objected to the six, but it’s a “perfect time” for early-childhood ed. She was very thankful that this year there had been “no deep-freeze” in funding for public schools.

Don Harmon of Oak Park, senate president pro tem: “We all like early-childhood…

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All about suffragist Lucy Burns and the Institute that bears her name

The institute, yes. It takes FOIA requests to a new level. Out of Madison comes Ballotpedia etc. Excellent resource for politics observers and workers.

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