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Julian Oct 9, Parents quiz legislators, Part Four: Cost of college, school lunches, federal shutdown, pensions

Oak Park Newspapers

* Cost of college?(from students)

Harmon: Aware of the problem and working on it. Yay! But what else is there to say to this question. from students? Have they been told the state legislators have a lot to say about this, so they have only Illinois state campuses in mind?

Lightford: Refers to MAP grant without explaining what it is, is not asked. Insider info again from KL. I looked it up.

The indomitable Lilly, blowing her horn again with highly questionable claim (for this CLAIM gathering): “I passed legislation [she passed
for grants for junior college.” The horn blows at forums. “But I’d like to put on the table, [we should] get parents involved, [they can] tell us how to do it. We need to bring them to this room and ask them.” This room? None are present? Hey, parents, get with it, OK?

School lunches? (students…

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