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The Catholic mass experience

Had a chance today to spout off at a men’s prayer meeting, came out (up: hadn’t thought it before quite this way) with: The mass could be in sanskrit, it wouldn’t make any difference. Point is, it’s a group experience of people gathered together to be part of something big. The priest drones on, I tune out so as to tune in on the big event, renewal of Christ’s sacrifice for all of us.

It’s not bingo night. Everybody there knows that. God bless the priest who comes and does it for us. I appreciate that very much. I just find it better if I pay little or no attention to his articulation of a text, which I nonetheless consider important. I’m not an iconoclast (I don’t think), but after a thousand or ten thousand times I get what’s happening. And I like it.


Gay rights people and their IRS friends play hardball with pro-marriage people

Agency rogues or rogue agency?

In March 2012, the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s leading homosexual-rights group, posted the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) confidential 2008 tax returns, including the names of donors.

The disclosure of tax returns without permission is a felony, and NOM quickly cited evidence that allegedly pointed to an Internal Revenue Service official as the likely source of the confidential data.

But a year and a half later, after repeated inquiries elicited no satisfactory response from the IRS, NOM has filed a lawsuit demanding answers and damages.

So they have gone to court, as has been widely reported by NY Times, AP, and our other even-handed clarions of of what the heck is going on. NOT!!!!

NOM’s lawyer did get it on Fox News blog, however.

Obamas Tax Thugs

How they do it:

The Internal Revenue Service became another arm of the campaign and when Democrats called on it to take action against the Tea Party; it acted.

Lois Lerner received an email with a link to an NPR story in which top Democrats complained about Republican contributions and described a complaint that they planned to file with the FEC. Lerner, revealing her allegiances and informed by her FEC past, responded, “Perhaps the FEC will save the day.”

Lerner was not some rogue employee. She was reacting to pressures from top Democrats who were afraid of the rising strength of the Tea Party and worried about the consequences for the 2012 elections. The IRS was rotten with partisan figures like Wilkins and Lerner who were approaching the political contest from the standpoint of Obama employees, not employees of the United States government.

So? You have a problem with that? Get lost, Buddy.

Good-doers in Austin — Part Two

Oak Park Newspapers

Monday night Sept. 30 at Ascension, the OP&RF Community of Congregations gathered a panel of people who are trying to make Austin a better place. Wrote about it here. Said there was more. Here it is:

Kathryn McCabe, exec director of the Cluster Tutoring Program, white, petite, her program ongoing since 1989, when they began tutoring at Pine Avenue United Church, do it now also at First United Church on Lake St. in Oak Park. Students who come for tutoring “are not well educated.” Reading skills are low: 70% are a year or more below grade level. A once-a-week conversation with someone with good vocabulary helps. Results are encouraging: 73% are at or above grade level after three years in the program. Most come to the Austin site, where they need volunteers.

Michele Zurakowski, Executive Director of Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry, also white…

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