Atlanta Vendors Fight to Protect Economic Libertys

I read about this years ago in Georgie Anne Geyer’s excellent book about Castro:

Rather like Ahab and the white whale, the city of Atlanta has been obsessed with running street vendors out of business. Back in 2009, Atlanta handed over all street vending to a multi-billion-dollar corporation. With a city-backed monopoly, rent skyrocketed from $250 a year to almost $20,000 a year. Unable to afford these exorbitant rents, 16 vendors lost their jobs.

I mean I read about how Fidel did the same thing. He had to throttle initiative, which was to remain with him.

Nice going, city of Atlanta.

Oh yes, the book is Guerilla Prince, The Untold Story of Fidel Castro, published in 1991. As with many good books, you can buy it now for a song.

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