RC liturgy hopeless, says traditionalist. Not so, if you do a work-around

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A pessimistic view of today’s Catholic liturgy:

The [post-Vatican 2] Pauline rite [Paul VI’s] is so radical a deconstruction and reconstruction of the Roman liturgy that it does not exist in the same tradition of organic development. It is a new departure, a new thing, not a revision of the old thing that had been handed down over the centuries.

As an artificial liturgical entity constructed out of pieces of the Roman heritage combined with modern scholarly inventions, any future reform of it would be no more than a variation on the new theme. The only way forward is not to tinker any more with this “fabrication, a banal on-the-spot product” (as Ratzinger called it in 1992), but to return steadfastly and stalwartly to the Catholic and Roman liturgical tradition embodied in the preconciliar Missal.

Indeed, only in this way can the deepest aims and aspirations of the Second Vatican…

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  • George Kocan  On February 22, 2014 at 12:04 PM

    The new mass is an abomination. The most offensive feature is its imitation of Protestant services. It symbolizes the Church’s utter surrender to popular culture–which is toxic and fundamentally anti-Catholic. It shows, furthermore, that Catholic leadership, both lay and clerical, has failed the Church. One sign of this leadership failure is the well-known scandal regarding the sexual abuse of children. At least one hundred parishes in Chicago have shut down since Vatican II. More are shutting down every day.


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