Walgreen’s defeater Durbin losing ground to Oberweis

Durbin under 48% approval, Oberweis 40.5%, in Sun-Times poll — with plus or minus 3% leeway. Oberweis has converted major black supporter:

Bishop Larry Trotter, who has supported Durbin in the past, announced Sunday he is switching to Oberweis because of high jobless rates continuing in the black community and Oberweis’ support for a south suburban trauma center. [italics added]

Ah yes, the economy. What do you know?

Word from Tammy D.: Allen West a scumbag

This in mail from the lady who served her country in the military:

It was bad enough that our opponent accepted an endorsement and fundraising help from radical right-wing extremist and former Congressman Allen West.

Who is also a former military person, about which Tammy’s camp offers nary a mention.

But at last night’s big fundraiser, it got worse. During West’s speech last night, he claimed that Tammy has “forgotten her oath” to defend the Constitution as a member of the military, and “taken that oath to a political party.” [italics added]

Tough language — “this gutter political attack,” says Tammy’s man — but from a former military person like Tammy. Which is worth noting.

Paul Schimpf fund-raiser in Glen Ellyn Aug. 30

He’s our anti-Madigan cruising toward an upset, needing $

Oak Park Republicans

Elect a Marine, not a Madigan

Aug. 30 – 1:00 PM – Fundraiser for Paul Schimpf, Republican Candidate for Attorney General, at Churchill Woods in Glen Ellyn, DuPage Forest Preserve. Dan Proft, Kevin Wiley and Jim Oberweis for U.S. Senate will be speaking. Music and Food.

For more info, contact: Dr. Brian Medley – 708-212-0132. Suggested donation $25.00

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Progressives are different from the rest of us. Here’s how . . .

Progressivism revised down:

Modern “progressives” are not, as some economic conservatives would say, socialists. In fact, today’s so-called progressives are not even particularly progressive, at least in the usual sense of seeking to redistribute wealth from rich to poor.

As Fred Siegel has noted, contemporary progressivism is an upper-middle-class movement that caters to the social libertarianism of coastal elites, while paying lip service to left-wing economic concerns.

Even when modern progressives do support economic development, they often do so in ways that stand traditional progressivism on its head—redistributing wealth upward to favored industries. [paragraphing

They do have their ways of doing things, do they not?

Oak Park’s thieves on bicycycles — nailed by OP cops

Oak Park Chronicles

Oak Park is handy to young thieves:

“Criminals can simply hop on a bicycle, cross the border to commit crimes and then flee back into a dense urban neighborhood,” said Police Chief Rick Tanksley. He described the situation as “among the disadvantages of sharing a border with [Chicago].” 

Wow. It’s a border. Used to be the city line. Border crossings are at the heart of this problem.

But cops are on the job. Crucial job it is.

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The black-robed regiment on call . . .

Clergy to the pulpit barricades!

AURORA IL – Sunday evening, the Illinois Family Institute hosted several hundred Illinoisans who gathered at Aurora Christian School to hear Pastor, Author, and Oklahoma State Representative Dan Fisher call for Illinois clergy to “wake up” and join a modern day Black Robed Regiment.


The Black Robed Regiment was the name the British placed on the American clergy during the Founding Era (a backhanded reference to the black robes they wore). The British blamed the Black Robed Regiment for American Independence, and American leaders agreed

” We’re all Catholics now,” the Episcopal priest said at a rally in the Federal center a few years back, referring to the impingements on religious liberty fostered by ObamaCare.

Trouble is, in N. Illinois the RC priests are mostly liberals politically, if not in every other way.

However, I heard an excellent sermon pre-election day 2012 at St. John Vianney, Northbrook, at the 10 a.m. Latin mass. Quite good indeed.

Who Is Morally Obliged to Pay to Level the Playing Field?

Asked to pony up to make things fair? Look out.

A sure sign that someone is making an argument for a policy that will unjustly pick the pockets of consumers in order to artificially and unjustly inflate the revenues of some producers is that person’s use of the term “level playing field.” This phrase is almost always a smiley-face mask for a plea for special privileges for certain producers. (I say “almost always,” although I honestly cannot recall a single instance of the phrase “level playing field” being used in any way other than the way I describe here. I could easily and truthfully drop the “almost.”)

My best example of that is, while quizzing possible school board candidates some years ago, hearing one man, a successful marketing entrepreneur with good instincts about how to deal with people, say uneven results ipso facto called for “leveling the playing field.” It had been leveled, but not enough, not until we got leveled or at least better results!