Pope’s advisers start to overhaul the Vatican bureaucracy | Crux

This could be the signature achievement of his papacy.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ international Council of Cardinals has begun creating the first draft of a new apostolic constitution that would implement a major reform of the Vatican bureaucracy.

The so-called C9, a papally appointed group of nine cardinal members, held its sixth meeting Sept 15-17 with Pope Francis at the Vatican to help advise him on the reform of the Vatican’s organization and church governance.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, told reporters Sept. 17 that the series of discussions have now begun a more “concrete” phase with “putting ink on paper” in the form of a draft for the introduction to a new constitution.

Stay tuned.

Joe Biden’s gaffe hat trick in Iowa – The Washington Post

Joe Biden, in middle of three-gaffe day, commits one that was missed:

“Income inequity brings a drag on economic growth,” said Biden. “Even Wall Street is concerned about this growing gap between the middle class, the poor and the wealthy.”

Wall Street not overwhelmingly interested in profits? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Unless he means excessive inequality (inequity? and who decides?), he’s so wrong about that drag-on-growth notion. Inequality is essential to growth, not to mention freedom. How so? Because some are better than others at wealth creation and possession, and gummint efforts to control it interfere with the process.

As for excessive, it applies to gummint control, of course. As for who decides that, we have wise statesman at the behest of wise citizenry, do we not?