He loves America. Scott Walker’s hat in ring

Some items from his speech, emphasis on specifics:

Wisconsin in a paragraph:

In Wisconsin, we took on the unions and big-government special interests and won. We cut spending and transformed an inherited $3.6 billion deficit into a surplus. We cut taxes by $2 billion, reducing the burden on individuals, employers and property owners. We enacted lawsuit reform and regulatory reform. We defunded Planned Parenthood and enacted pro-life legislation. We defended the Second Amendment by passing castle doctrine and concealed carry. And we now require a photo ID to vote.

Nutshell statement on, of all things, welfare:

Some have said we’re making it harder to get assistance. But in truth, we’re making it easier to get a job.

Welfare as family-support issue:

Strong families with two involved parents are central to a child’s success. But for too long, the federal government has penalized families through the tax code and structured welfare to discourage the involvement of fathers. It’s time we end the marriage penalty and fix the damaging programs that replace parental involvement with government influence. [italics

Jobs and taxes:

we have a plan to help the people create more jobs and higher wages. . . . . We need to lower the burden on taxpayers to raise take-home pay.

Foreign-policy matrix:

We have a President who drew a “red line” and allowed Syria to cross it. He called ISIS the JV squad and Yemen a success story. Our current leaders think Iran is a place America can do business with.

The greatest threat to future generations is radical Islamic terrorism. We must defeat ISIS and the threat of radical Islamic terrorism before it threatens the homeland. We need to acknowledge that Israel is our ally and start treating them like one. We need to stop Russian aggression. We need to stop China’s cyber attacks, slow its advances into international waters and speak out about its abysmal human rights record.

How to conduct war:

the first and best way to honor fighting men and women is by fighting to win. Our goal is peace, and we secure peace when every foe knows that if they start a fight with the United States, they will be defeated.

He takes it to the libs, offers a choice not an echo, talks plain enough. Good man.

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