No deal: Mayor rules out WYCC sale

Mayor Rahm contrasts educators and career-builders with accountants in nixing sale of City Colleges asset, for which perish the thought.

Eek, a fiscal solution. As educator and career-builder he is above that. As a politician, on the other hand, he CARES about fiscal things, in fact raises money as a living.

City Colleges have money problems? So what? Don’t muddy its skirts with crass green-eye shade solution.

The comment captures the nub of Chicago and Illinois as incipient basket cases, and it’s b.s. besides.

“If you wear green eye shades [as an
accountant], you would look at it as a financial asset,” he said. “We’re in the business of education. We’re in the business of building careers. . . . You can look at it as an accountant and financial gain or you can see it as a tremendous educational opportunity that enriches our students and prepares them for a future, a job and a career. And to be honest, that’s our bottom line.”

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