Corruption’s the thing in cover-up of Laquan McDonald killing

Water’s been so damn muddied by the Ferguson and other recent cases, when hysteria and misinformation were the order of the day, that a body can be fooled into somehow underestimating the pervasive corruption that typifies the Laquan-Chicago killing and cover-up attempts.

Chi Trib’s story about the Burger King video and witnesses’ accounts of police and other mal- and mis-feasance in the matter does much to disperse that misunderstanding.

For instance, police on the scene spent two hours studying the Burger King video which later turned up 86 minutes’ short, apparently erased by someone.

That’s bad enough. But consider also the police on hand telling witnesses of the shooting to go home.

In addition to the missing footage, lawyers for McDonald’s family have questioned the actions of other officers at the scene moments after the shooting.

Police apparently told witnesses to go home, according to a family lawyer, Michael Robbins.

Robbins said several citizens who witnessed McDonald’s shooting reported that officers ordered them to leave the scene under threat of arrest without ever interviewing them. Other witnesses reported that detectives later badgered them for insisting that McDonald hadn’t threatened officers before he was shot, Robbins said.
Robbins said one man who was stuck in traffic with his son saw the shooting unfold right in front of him. He followed police orders to leave, but when a police union spokesman later described in television news reports that McDonald had purportedly lunged at Van Dyke with a knife, the man came forward to challenge the account, Robbins said.
“To tell an occurrence witness who observed a fatal shooting to leave and not even ask them to identify themselves is incomprehensible,” Robbins said.

These interactions with police would have been on the missing Burger King video, Robbins said.

Responses to the Burger King video apparent erasure by state’s attorney and police chief were limp indeed.

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