Goodby, localism?

Among other anti-democratic influences. we have our maximum leader.

The Authoritarian Impulse
Under President Obama, rule by decree has become commonplace, with federal edicts dictating policies on everything from immigration and labor laws to climate change. No modern leader since Nixon has been so bold in trying to consolidate power. But the current president is also building on a trend: Since 1910 the federal government has doubled its share of government spending to 60 percent. Its share of GDP has now grown to the highest level since World War II.

more more more in this excellent essay.

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  • Margaret  On January 4, 2016 at 5:05 PM

    We have to start reducing the size of the federal government and their agencies whose employees vote Democrat overwhelmingly to keep their paper-pushing jobs with higher wages and benefits than those enjoyed by the productive sector.


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