A wise man from the East Coast returns to his old Chicago home to run its Catholic newspaper. Something is afoot.

Catholic journalist Heidi Schlumpf introduces the new CEO (under Publisher-Archbishop Cupich) of the Catholic New World. He is Grant Gallicho, late of Commonweal Magazine. (Say “Gallico,” as long-ago sports writer-novelist Paul wrote his name.)

His goals are intriguing.

[I]ncreasing both the print and digital audiences, by offering more and unique content and better promoting the publications, especially through social media.

Already, he’s signed Christopher Lamb, who also writes from Rome for the English magazine The Tablet, to do a monthly column about the Vatican.

A book review section and a redesign of the paper and website are also in the works.

Well. And letters to editor, long missing from the CNW? Voice from the Pew, that sort of thing? Let us piously hope.

Below is Gallicho and his editor Joyce Duriga, discussing things.


While she’s at it, the writer, long-time Catholic journalist Heidi Schlumpf, also gives more than a nod of appreciation for CNW’s just retired Dolores Madlener, whose “benevolent gossip” column and other regular offerings offered meaty stuff for decades — one silk purse made of sow’s ear after another.

From my own less-extensive experience, I must endorse her warm regard for Madlener.

Source: Journalists find a home in Chicago archdiocese | National Catholic Reporter

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