‘Make a Grown Man Cry’ Pepper Spray CTA Ads Upset Women Commuters

Pepper spray, anyone? Not?

“Considering how many assaults occur on and around CTA property, I would think the CTA wouldn’t post ads reminding women not only how dangerous it is to use their services, but also that they’re on their own when it comes to personal safety,” [a woman] said.

Even when sometimes they are on their own?

Decades ago (in the mid-’60s), discussing the latest with women residents at the Near West Side high-rise project across the street from where I lived, at St. Ignatius High School, the instance arose of a woman raped on the elevator.

The women I talked to said the victim should have known better than to get on the elevator with a male rider (so that the two would be alone). They knew how this works and considered the victim foolhardy.

Being on your own is a regular condition for many.

(I write about life in the projects in my book Company Man: My Jesuit Life, 1950-1968.)

Source: ‘Make a Grown Man Cry’ Pepper Spray CTA Ads Upset Women Commuters – Logan Square – DNAinfo.com Chicago

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