Empty mind? Write Science Fiction

Not quite, how about scrambled mind. But “barren,” she says.

Ingrid Rojas Contreras looks through “the barren island of [her] mind” and finds that “all good science fiction begins this way”: from the new edition of the Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal.

Something else in pursuit of her goal:

I stand in front of the window at Madison and Halsted hesitating before my reflection, weighing the awfulness of not knowing myself versus the lightness of being a blank slate.


I try to break into the fortress of my mind by staring into my iris.

Good luck with it.

It occurs to me I could be an illegal immigrant. I have to avoid the authorities. I search up and down the street for cops.

I could be one of the millions undocumented, working for low wages, desperate, prone to predation.Prone to predation? I ask myself.

Even then this strikes me as an odd sentence construction.

She may be on to something. Is there something about in the fortress of your mind?

Source: All Good Science Fiction Begins This Way – The Los Angeles Review of Books

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