Alderman Ed, won’t you please come clean???

Ed Burke on Ash wed

That’s an Ash Wednesday picture of the head alderman. Remember, alderman, dust thou art and into dust thou shalt return.

Goes for all of us. In the meantime, can the alderman and his fellow council members maybe save us some money by getting a little efficient in allocating workers comp payments?

Can this and the other dust-destined aldermen let us in on what the heck they are doing with our money?

Sun-Times is on their, especially his, case today with a swinging, stinging editorial.

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For more than a century in Chicago, a mere City Council committee — now tightly controlled by a single powerful alderman — has called the shots on all worker compensation claims, in recent years shelling out what experts say is a “staggering” amount of money. Feel free to scream about that the … etc. etc.

Source: Editorial: Pull back curtain on Ald. Burke’s workers comp fiefdom | Chicago Sun-Times

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