Agreeing with Laura Ingraham about a Rubio presidency . . . 

And then some:

Rubio would be a far better President than Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders), but he wouldn’t exactly shake up D.C. or the GOP establishment.

I would certainly vote for him if he became the GOP’s nominee, much the same as I have for several prior GOP nominees–without enthusiasm. But I wouldn’t expect anything to really change.

It would be business as usual: The same, tired faces populating the cabinet and political appointments within the agencies. The same, tired policies. The same, tired political gridlock and finger-pointing, but no real changes to the lives of ordinary Americans.

The GOP establishment in D.C. would be thrilled: They would have full employment, be appointed to high-ranking government positions, obtain lucrative consulting, lobbying and other government contracts, and generally have a sense of well-being because they are “back in power” (which is the most important thing to the D.C. elite).

But for the rest of us, the oppressive sense of Republican stagnation (both intellectual and economic) would continue unabated.

It’s oppressive, all right.

Source: Instapundit » Blog Archive » GONE ON AND BURY IT ALREADY: Laura Ingraham on “The Suicide of the GOP Establishment.” Here is some…

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  • Dee  On March 1, 2016 at 4:44 PM

    We have to agree on one candidate, whoever that is. This is no damn time to be purists. It’s the “Republican Party’s” election to lose (or win).


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