Will Trump “release” off-record tape?

Well, really, why the hell would he? If it was off record when he said it, why would it be on the record now?

Lot of faux naivete by NY Times editors, to in essence say we’ve got something here that’s off the record. If it was off record, why is saying you have it kosher? Clever, these newsies.

Lends credibility to Trump’s slamming (anonymously, in full cry as wounded bull) the press who he says get it wrong and lie about him. This is a classic case, not of Trump’s duplicity but of noosepaper’s.

The details? Release the transcript. UPDATE: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have called on Trump to ask for the tape to be released.

Source: Donald Trump Secretly Told The New York Times What He Really Thinks About Immigration – BuzzFeed News

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