Longtime Dem precinct worker came by . . .

. . . and we got talking. Told her I take a Republican ballot, we got talking some more and guess what? She asked whom I’d vote for in the president’s race, I said “leaning toward Trump.” Guess what? So is she. If he’s on the ballot in November, he has her vote.

Will he do what he says he’ll do? We don’t know, she said. But we don’t know what the others will do either, I said. Exactly, she said.

Locally, she’s Dem, you see. But Trump is saying all the right things. He has so many businesses going, if economy goes bad, his businesses will too. (He has skin in the game.)

Romney should have butted out, she said. Me too.

How many like her will go for Trump while supporting local Dems?

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