Did Africans Sell Africans Into Slavery? Let’s Ask Some Africans – Taki’s Magazine

Two wrongs don’t make a right, they make two wrongs, says Jim Goad, reflecting on white and black complicity in black slavery.

As in this:

Nearly all modern historians agree that the scenario depicted by Alex Haley in Roots—that of white raiders penetrating the African interior to rout African villages for slaves—is fraudulent.

Instead, European slave traders nearly always bought slaves from African vendors at coastal markets.

We hear much about the brutal “Middle Passage” across the Atlantic Ocean, but almost never about the estimated 10 million or so indigenous Africans who perished while being marched to the sea in chains and yokes by their African captors.

Goad gives close to a dozen samples of mostly African blacks condemning black slavers, then concludes:

I have endlessly more respect for modern African leaders who are willing to acknowledge their ancestors’ role in slavery than I do for modern ethno-masochistic whites that try, against all evidence, to isolate guilt only on the white side and smear all whites from here to eternity with the invisible shit stain of guilt.

I also have far more respect for these African leaders than I do any modern American blacks who blame whites, and only whites, for every last drop of black suffering.

Read all about it here: Did Africans Sell Africans Into Slavery? Let’s Ask Some Africans – Taki’s Magazine

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