Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Says he “would not” disagree with the Cuban dictator. “


After listening to Cuba’s President Castro attack America over human rights, its trade embargo with Cuba, an “illegal occupation” of Guantanamo Bay, and “equal rights,” President Obama said “I personally would not disagree” with his criticisms.

“President Castro I think has pointed out that in his view making sure everybody’s getting a decent education or health care, has basic security in old age, that those things are human rights as well,” Obama said. “I personally would not disagree with that.”

“I actually welcome President Castro commenting on some of the areas where he feels we’re falling short because I think we should not be immune or afraid of criticism or discussion as well,” Obama added


Thinks he’s in a faculty lounge chatting with an obstreperous colleague.

Talks nicer to this guy than to Republicans.

Source: Obama: ‘I Personally Would Not Disagree’ with Castro’s Critique of America :: Grabien News

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