Abortion provider and “exchange of ideas”

OK to have the Planned Parenthood lady speak at Georgetown last week , said university President John DeGioia, pleading the familiar cause of “the free exchange of ideas”; but

There was no free exchange, only her arguments (presented, according to reports, as if, of course, the audience agreed with her, which it largely did).

Four questions were allowed from the floor. Four. Only one of which challenged her to explain why 94 percent of PP’s pregnancy-related services lead to abortion, only 1 percent to adoption.

This perfectly reasonable question earned the questioner a laugh and dismissal by [the speaker] Richards, and ridicule from the crowd. So much for the free exchange of ideas.

It is indeed to laugh at this tired defense. A real university schedules debates, not disquisitions by hot-wire advocates. You get those for religious retreats or missions. Or used to. This lady is a Billy Sunday for our day.

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