Micro-aggression at St. Ignatius

At the end of a story by Sun-Times’ Mitch Dudek, we find quite a good statement from Todd Stroger, whom Dudek asked about a teacher’s using the N-word in a history class:

Todd Stroger, former Cook County Board president and a 1981 Ignatius graduate, said using the N-word in an instructional setting is appropriate.

“I kind of relate it to when the Jewish people talk about the Holocaust, they say: ‘Never Forget.’ I think this is kind of the same instance for African-Americans in America,” he said.

“But you get some people who are trying to be smart alecks, and some people who are so naive and immature they don’t get it,” Stroger said.

Stroger stopped short of saying he experienced racism at the school. “There will always be people who are insensitive. … There was always somebody who would say something out of bounds, just trying to get your goat.”

“But I’d go back to high school at St. Ignatius in a heartbeat, if my wife would let me,” he added.

Not bad at all. Nice job by Dudek too.

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