Chapter 3, There Will Be No Cuts

From Illinois Blues: How the Ruling Party Talks to Voters:

Sen. Don Harmon opened the July 17 (2013) Oak Park Library session with a reprise of his calm-down, don’t-worry commentary.

There had been “decades of underfunding” of pensions, he said. Nothing to see here, move on, why the fuss?

The problem can be solved without taking from “core government services, especially social services,” he said. Again, why the fuss?

Rep. Camille Lilly agreed but said the budget process was “really, really, really critical.” A triple-really gets the mind working: there might be cuts?

In any case, she had an important tip: Have a look at the budget on the state’s web site. It’s “the new technology of today,” she said. . . . .

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  • oldpoet56  On June 8, 2016 at 6:38 PM

    Trusting anything that most all politicians say is equivalent to petting your pet rattlesnake and being shocked when it bites you.


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