A Chicago newsman died

Let us now praise . . . 

. . . Jack Fuller, who at the age of 69 slipped away from cancer this week at Chicago,[whose death]  takes from us one of America’s greatest newspapermen.

He rose from copyboy to become editor, publisher, and president of the Tribune Company.

He’d answered a draft call during Vietnam and, later, served as an aide to one of America’s greatest attorneys general at a dangerous hour for our republic.

He wrote two classic books on news values just when newspaperdom appeared to be abandoning them.

The rest is here: Jack Fuller – The New York Sun

Paging Mr. Orwell – The New York Sun

You go to work for Obama and lose your reputation, or damage it, expunging stuff that Obama makes you expunge.

Eventually the administration caved, but not before Attorney General Lynch, who had a fine reputation as a prosecutor, was met with incredulity and ridicule on the Internet.

A writer for Tablet Magazine rushed out an open letter to Mrs. Lynch that was dripping with sarcasm. “You, like the president, know that all that talk of radical Islam having anything at all to do with any violent attack on innocent civilians anywhere is just a ‘political distraction,’ the kind of drivel only dumb Republicans believe. We’re enlightened. We know better. And we have the power to literally rewrite history.”

God, it’s taking a page from the Soviets!

Source: Paging Mr. Orwell – The New York Sun

What do you say about a nomination clinched?


Do you lock it down, as the notable G.F. Seib has it here?

A few weeks ago, after Donald Trump locked down the Republican presidential nomination, a series of polls showed him roughly even with or a bit ahead of Hillary Clinton, and Democrats went into a slight panic.

Last week, after Mrs. Clinton had locked down the Democratic nomination, a series of polls showed Mr. Trump falling well behind Mrs. Clinton, in two cases by 12 percentage points, and Republicans went into full-scale panic.

Or do you lock it up?

Up or down? A prison is locked down in an emergency, keeping inmates locked up. It’s a lock, claims the supposed winner of anything.

If locked down, does each candidate lock everything up? Is he or she locked in? When is a lock not a lock? When a candidate claims victory but then loses.

Source: How an Improbable Trump Victory Could Happen – WSJ

Recommendations after deadly weekend

Top cop Eddie Johnson bemoans violence after a deadly weekend.

Fresh off another violent weekend in Chicago, police Superintendent Eddie Johnson stuck to familiar themes during a panel discussion Monday at the City Club of Chicago , lamenting the rocky relationship between his department and minority communities beset by violence and the need to hold repeat gun offenders more accountable.

After a 59-shot, 13-dead weekend, it’s all about guns, diversity, disinvestment in black ‘hoods (you’d think the money’d be pouring in, wouldn’t you? — thank you, Fr. Pfleger), social media (!).

Nothing about law enforcement: techniques, strategy, successes elsewhere. Thank you, Supt. Johnson and the other upstanding citizens at this gathering, especially fellow panelists Kim Foxx, Dem nominee for state’s attorney, Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, mother of slain teen Hadiya Pendleton, and Fr. Pfleger.

On the other hand, they are only following the accepted narrative.