What do you say about a nomination clinched?


Do you lock it down, as the notable G.F. Seib has it here?

A few weeks ago, after Donald Trump locked down the Republican presidential nomination, a series of polls showed him roughly even with or a bit ahead of Hillary Clinton, and Democrats went into a slight panic.

Last week, after Mrs. Clinton had locked down the Democratic nomination, a series of polls showed Mr. Trump falling well behind Mrs. Clinton, in two cases by 12 percentage points, and Republicans went into full-scale panic.

Or do you lock it up?

Up or down? A prison is locked down in an emergency, keeping inmates locked up. It’s a lock, claims the supposed winner of anything.

If locked down, does each candidate lock everything up? Is he or she locked in? When is a lock not a lock? When a candidate claims victory but then loses.

Source: How an Improbable Trump Victory Could Happen – WSJ

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