Telling argument for Brexit

It’s the nature of the beast that UK would be exiting:

Matt Ridley writes that Britain’s economy will thrive once it’s liberated from the anti-growth European Union. “A centrally planned, regional customs union—though not one run with a colonial mind-set, chaotic accounts, a bureaucratic surplus and a democratic deficit—might have made some sense in the 1950s. That was before container shipping, budget airlines, the internet and the collapse of tariffs under the World Trade Organization made it as easy to do business with Australia and China as with France and Germany.”

From “morning editorial report” by James Freeman of WSJ.

And the Ridley piece has a lede to swear by (or at), by the way:

In voting Thursday on whether to leave the European Union, the British people face perhaps the most momentous decision since Henry VIII broke from the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century so he could marry as he pleased.

Though lust is not the motivation this time, there are other similarities. The Catholic Church five centuries ago was run by an unelected supranational elite, answerable to its own courts, living in luxury at the expense of ordinary people, and with powers to impose its one-size-fits-all rules despite the wishes of national governments.

We were right to leave.

Before the alleged Reformation, of course, a.k.a. Protestant Revolt. Depends on where you went for grade school. Either way, it’s a grand lede.

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